2010 Mob Pizza (tm) Dennis Dupuis 

   America's # 1 affordable, fast food biz op!


Welcome to Mob Pizza!    



Mob Pizza (tm) is a fresh new concept in the fast food business, and the best part is ... you can actually afford to own one!

Back in "the good old days," you could own your own Subway (tm) for $29,900, or less, and today, there are thousands 
of entrepreneurs who are millionaires, because they could see that opportunity early on, so don't miss the boat this time.
I set out to design a biz op that could be purchased inexpensively, and that could be run simply, as a profitable business. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Mob Pizza (tm), and how you can reserve a location today, please send me
an e-mail at
info@mobpizza.com or call me toll me personally at 1-800-370-6636, and I will be happy to talk with you.

Dennis Dupuis, Founder
Mob Pizza (tm)

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